Podcast is an audio version of the video messages that has been previously recorded. With this new way of receiving God’s word is great if you are in an area where you have trouble watching the videos due to your internet connection. (This will not be live, it will be past recorded messages.) With them being audio they take up less data to download and you can listen to them anywhere, even in your car.

Palmyra Church of Christ podcast will be available not only on our website, but also on Spotify, Google Play Music, Tune in, iTunes/iOS, and Stitcher. Just search for “Palmyra Church of Christ” in your favorite podcast streaming service listed. Any questions feel free to reach out to Wayne Carpenter. Below is just one way of listen here on palcc.com

Also here is a link for our particular podcast page where you can download them directly to your device:
Palmyra Church of Christ on PodPoint



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