Welcome to the Palmyra Church of Christ in Fredericktown, Ohio!

This Body of believers consists of people from all ages and walks of life who are grateful for God's offer of Salvation, through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are committed to standing with and for the Word of God. The Lord's Church teaches strong Christian values: love for Biblical Truth, a love for our fellow man, and the importance of raising our children in accordance with Scripture. Our goal is to make Biblical Learning fun and purposeful. Though we currently live in troublesome times, the Bible teaches us that Christians will triumph over every problem and be victorious due to our faith in what Christ has done for us. God is with us…He won't forsake us…He will see us through whatever comes our way in life. Everyone is Welcomed to the assemblies of the Lord's Church! Jesus died for all…thus all are welcomed here!

Troy Northrop, Evangelist
Telephone: 740/694-6470 Fax: 740/694-5470
Email: palcc@rrohio.com or jillp@rrohio.com

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